The collaboration between VIEW Maritime and the STAR enhances our mission of helping our customers streamline their workflow to save time and money.

The collaboration between VIEW Maritime and STAR EAM System serves as an integration that gives customers a high degree of control and significantly reduces manual work. It creates a shortcut between operational and financial data.

VIEW Maritime delivers real-time accounting services and builds efficient integrations between their ERP system, Xledger, and the client’s third-party system. Our clients focus on their core business and have all accounting data available in real-time in the cloud. VIEW Maritime can be your accounting partner or system provider; this is up to the client.

Common challenges companies face

• Old fashion accounting application and time-consuming work processes.
• Lack of integrations between third-party systems.
• Complicated reconciliation procedures between operations and accounting.
• A huge number of various applications, high-cost production.

The solution to unique operational and financial control

• Get real-time data with cloud-based applications.
• Reduce manual work with standardized integration between third-party systems and accounting systems.
• Get total control and overview of your business with integration between your financial system and your operational system.
• A partner with shipping expertise and knowledge of the maritime industry
• Develop, maintain, and host integrations. One single point and contact for the client.

The financial system Xledgers core functionality

• All information is updated and recalculated immediately and provides the customer with a unique business management system based on real-time information.
• Widely use of automated workflows and advanced business group functionality.
• Multi-currency solution and
• Flexible structure and user-friendly interface.
• Fixed assets accounting.
• Total control and overview of your business.

VIEW Maritime offers to implement, support, and train our customers to get the most out of cloud-based applications.

John Inge Røtting, CCO, Star Information Systems“VIEW Maritime is the right partner on ERP solutions for the STAR EAM System; modern, agile, and tailormade for the maritime industry. Together we now offer customers an extended range of integrated products for increased efficiency” says John Inge Røtting, CCO at Star Information Systems.



About VIEW Maritime

VIEW Maritime delivers real-time accounting services and builds efficient integrations between their ERP system, Xledger, and the client’s third-party system. We are global and support both a national and an international market.

Besides the standard integration between Xledger and Dataloy, we provide integrations with other systems, such as database/business information applications, various time capturing systems, operation systems, and more customer-specific systems.

We also help our customers with accounting and payroll services and financial advisory services. Our team consists of experienced consultants being certified Xledger users with financial – and IT backgrounds.

Contact us for information on how we can help your business get more efficient!
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About Star Information Systems

Star Information Systems (STAR) is a global provider of an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) for the maritime industry. Our customer’s vessels range from small ferries and fishing boats to large drilling rigs and oil and gas installations. Since 1997, STAR has provided innovative software solutions and support for ship and rig management.
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