Combining Marine Manager with Star Project Application, the smart docking solution is already creating true value for our customers.

Star Project Application and Marine Manager‘s lean collaboration platform allows our customers and their partners to minimize waste and focus on getting the jobs done.

A joint development project with Norled has provided us information with regards to significant potential in reducing cost and lead time for both vessel owners and yards. “It’s all about collaboration. By supporting each other to work smarter and getting things right the first time”, says Bjørn Einar Nylund, Civil Engineer at Norled. Norled is a leading Shipping Company in Norway, operating fast boats and ferries.

We are grateful to announce that both Solvang ASA and Bergen Tankers AS are onboarding the solution and preparing their first dry docking projects at yards during spring 2022.

Torstein Rasmussen, CEO, Marine Manager ASTorstein Rasmussen in Marine Manager says, “Our mission is supporting our customers in a new way of working so that actual value is created for both the shipowners as well as for their selected yards and suppliers.”




Star Project Application

As an integral part of the STAR Enterprise Asset Management System, Star Project Application covers all phases and costs of your project. Since the Star Project Application continuously updates any changes during the entire project, there are no unforeseen surprises.

The tool enables you to prepare all standard jobs for individual vessels, sister vessels, and fleets.

The STAR EAM System enables you to combine people, processes, and technology successfully. Further, the Project Application keeps you on top of the docking costs in every project phase.


Tom Isnes, Key Account Manager, Star Information Systems“By combining the cost-control functions in the STAR EAM System with Marine Managers’ agility, customers have an efficient tool to ensure that the docking cost never gets out of control”, says Tom Isnes, Key Account Manager at Star Information Systems.





Star Project Application, Project Process Chain

For more information about our new docking solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tom Isnes at Star Information Systems +47 909 41 631 or Torstein Rasmussen at Marine Manager +47 992 296 03.