Two of the most significant suppliers of maritime software solutions have entered into close market cooperation. Adonis AS, a specialist in maritime HR and payroll systems, and Star Information Systems, a recognized supplier of planned maintenance and purchasing systems for offshore and shipping, are both headquartered in Norway, but operate in the worldwide marketplace.

The collaboration involves close integration of functional areas, offering customers rationalization gains through sharing and better utilization of registers and data. Furthermore, the two companies will take advantage of each other’s global network of offices to market each other’s solutions to existing and new customers

Chief Sales Officer Alfred Risan in Star Information Systems is very pleased to offer existing and new customers a fully integrated solution with both Star IPS and the Adonis Human Resource suite.

– We’re seeing a steadily growing demand for fully integrated systems in these areas. At the same time, customers want to cooperate with specialists within the specific applications instead of going for systems that lack interaction and functional integration. Through our collaboration, we can offer the best from both companies, supplying fully integrated systems that interact in a way that truly provides a great rationalization benefit for the customer.




Sales Director Per Ove Kviteberg in Adonis says having a prepared and well-running integration in place from the start of a project lowers the CAPEX and significantly improves the cost/benefit factor for a new customer.

– STAR is a recognized and significant player in its market segment and as such a natural choice for a commercial partnership for Adonis. Our two companies have started to collaborate on SMM participation and are already seeing the fruits of such market cooperation. We clearly see that customers demand more and more integrated solutions from specialized suppliers.

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