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As an integral part of the STAR Asset Management (EAM) System, STAR Supply & Logistics for inventory management support the crew with increased efficiency, cost savings, and cost control for sustainable operations.

Inventory management

Process your inventory accurately. The STAR EAM inventory management software distinguishes between spare equipment, spare parts, consumables, and tools as they need different processing. The software consists of a rich set of properties and functionality for inventory control, including various processes for managing each inventory category.

STAR Mobile Apps for inventory management:

inventory management

Warehouse management

Make use of transparent warehouse data. Warehouses onshore, including virtual and temporary warehouses, can be added to the list of store locations, visualized for the onboard users in the fleet.

Based on warehouse data, vessels can request items during replenishment, and the system will notify users of availability in the requisition and approval process. Users can request a transfer when spare equipment or spare parts are needed and available in the fleet.

Replenishment planning

Drive predictable inventory management. The software can assist in predicting future material consumption and the need for in-time replenishment.

The analytical functionality recommends that the crew should order materials according to either future maintenance activity or historical consumption, combined with available lead time and preferred ordering quantities.

replenishment planning
purchasing and procurement

Purchasing and automated Procurement

Get assistance for efficient order processing. The process-driven PO system can be configured to automatically support customers’ purchasing and approval processes and have various approaches depending on customer-selected parameters.

The software assists the purchaser by, e.g., recommending optional vendors and auto process steps when sufficient information is available. Enhanced and advanced functionality for the quoting process and vendor selection helps the purchaser make suitable choices and ensure accurate delivery.


Enhance vendor communication. STAR Supply & Logistics includes SISCommerce, an eCommerce solution that streamlines the purchasing process by enabling STAR customers and their vendors to trade electronically through the SISCommerce web platform.

The PO system is preset to use SISCommerce to exchange purchase-related information with vendors. By using SISCommerce, the vendors can process and send their quotes and purchase order confirmations online, automatically updating the respective RFQ and POs. With SISCommerce, the purchaser saves time, gets the best quality option, and gets all incoming vendors’ responses.

STAR SISCommerce
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Apply the agreed terms and conditions. The PO system automatically recognize contracted items and updates requisitions and purchase orders with data from contracts, keeping track of contract expiry dates, renewal periods, region validity, price history, contract efficiency, etc.

Logistics and Transportation

Keep control of your assets. The STAR Asset Management software includes a separate module for planning and preparation of logistic operations, like filling containers with deliveries to the vessels and producing all the required shipment manifests and customs documents.

With shipment tracking, you get a complete overview of all items in transit and expected arrival. Alternatively, you can import the details from the freight forwarders system.

STAR Analytics, on laptop and mobile, image

Complet cost control

Ensure sustainable consumption patterns. STAR Supply & Logistics provides transparency of the fleetwide inventory availability and complete control of all material costs, enabling efficient asset sharing and reduced inventory item levels in the fleet. STAR Analytics provides vital information about status and trends.

The inventory management software supports FIFO for material transactions for more accurate cost data and the usual average price cost tracking.

You can hear more about the Benefits of Digitalizing Supply & Logistics in this webinar with Asia Pacific Maritime and Star Information Systems from 2021.

Integration for Financial systems

Simplify your account processes. The STAR EAM System can be integrated with a preferred accounting and finance software and configured according to the company’s business rules.

STAR has teamed up with View Maritime and Eye-share for accounting and invoice processing systems.

VIEW Maritime, integration, devices, container. Image
hazardous materials


Protect your crew and the sea. The STAR Asset Management software supports international requirements for Inventory Hazardous Materials (IHM).

The system automatically transfers the IHM codes into purchase orders, transportation documents, and consumption records. Ensuring correct information to all parties involved in the logistics process and reports about IHM content onboard to be printed at any time.

The logging and tracking features in the STAR Supply & Logistics software, combined with the multi-level approval options for the procurement and consumption processes, are in line with the requirements to be SOX compliant.

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