Are you ready to board? To continuously improve digital management solutions and meet the future demands of the maritime and energy industries, we have launched STAR Suite to replace and enhance all Star IPS (CMMS/PMS) modules.

STAR Suite is an integrated suite of secure and modern web-enabled software applications to increase productivity, enable mobility, improve collaboration, and enhance maintenance capabilities – supported with services for continual monitoring and updating. All are powered by Star Information Systems.

Why start now?

STAR Suite is already well received by several of our customers, who see the significant costs of not adapting to modern technology and are already experiencing a return on investment (ROI) on their business, as well as remaining relevant and sustainable in today’s digital age.

Smooth transition!

1. We recommend all customers to start the transition by implementing the STAR Mobile Apps. Doing so will automatically install the fundamentals needed for the entire STAR Suite solution.
2. Expand with STAR Explorer and STAR Planner whenever you are ready. The infrastructure is already in place; all you have to do is connect your Web browser to the STAR Suite login.
3. Final step: Enjoy the enriched STAR functionality in the web-based user interface and discover new opportunities.


If you have any questions or worries, don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo and assistance to get started.