Star Information Systems signs a framework agreement to secure highly skilled professionals.

Star Information Systems (STAR) entered in May 2024 into a framework agreement with MDE Group, a global recruitment company with offices across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US. Under the agreement, MDE will support STAR with proactive recruitment and consultancy services to secure highly skilled project personnel and capacities.

Bjørn Martin Klokkernes

“Through a strong collaborative effort, this agreement will have a substantial effect on STAR’s ongoing growth plans, and the agreement applies to both existing projects along with potentially new projects,” says the CEO of STAR, Bjørn Martin Klokkernes.




As a global provider of Enterprise Asset Management systems, STAR enables the tracking and managing assets across the maritime and energy sectors. It improves clients’ productivity through structured and optimized asset planning, operations, maintenance, and performance – including environmental initiatives.

“Over the last two years, we have worked hard on the technical side by developing an optimized system for the longer term with our new STAR Suite platform. But we have also focused on recruiting new people to handle larger and more complex projects. The agreement is a key element of STAR’s strategy to significantly expand and strengthen our position as the preferred supplier, with the help of access to highly skilled personnel and capacities”, says Klokkernes.

Karl Vegard Blindheim, Branch Manager of Technical Consultancy at MDE, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Star Information Systems. This agreement underscores our commitment to furthering our successful partnership over the past two years. With STAR positioned for continued growth, we are proud to contribute to their journey.”

The duration of the framework agreement will be 3 (three) years with the possibility of being renewed after a successful evaluation for each party.

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About MDE

Since MDE was established in 2007, they have helped thousands of employees and employers link up with each other. Today, the MDE Group consists of 12 different companies offering consultancy, manpower, and recruitment services.