The primary purpose of QSHE functionality in the STAR EAM System is to prevent undesired events.
If any undesired incidents occur on board, the software will process any necessary information related to the event, the outcomes, and the actions needed for prevention.

Quality System

Get high-level control. Internal procedures for operating in compliance are structured in both company standard and vessel-specific procedures that are distributed to the applicable vessels once approved. Procedures, attachments, references, and checklists can be hyperlinked and referred to between various documents and other modules in the STAR EAM System.

The Quality system includes revision control and processes features, ensuring that only the last approved revision is available for end-users.

Quality System
Risk management and Job Safety Analysis

Risk management and Job Safety Analysis

Reduce risks and undesired events. A wide range of assets can be risk assessed in the QHSE software module: operation of equipment, maintenance, proposed changes, undesired events and near misses, non-conformities, and more. Including tagging equipment and materials containing hazardous materials according to IHM requirements.

The software supports electronic work permits for maintenance jobs, including equipment isolation and Job Safety Analysis to reduce risk.

Audit and Inspection administration

Be well prepared. The QHSE software assists in audit and inspection management with libraries for checklists, deviation reports, and actions needed for improvement and compliance.

Audits and inspections are both vital processes to reduce overall quality, risks, and costs. The STAR Analytics Dashboard for Audit and Inspection will help you streamline and maximize the organizational value.

Audit and Inspections
Incident management

Incident management and reporting

Stay vigorous. The QHSE software has functionality for reporting undesired crew and vessel-related events, including equipment, cargo, passengers, third-party properties, environmental spills, etc. Similarly, the software functionality can be used to report any near-miss event. All corrective and preventive actions raised after the undesired events contain a follow-up. Industrial standard statistics and KPIs such as LTIF are viewable for insights.

The STAR Analytics Dashboard for Undesired Events supports the management in their aim to timely detect and diagnose abnormal and undesired events so that preventive actions can be taken.

Drills and Meetings management

Get retrospective advantages with Drills and Meetings presented as repetitive activities with a set frequency and content.
The Drill performance report and any Lessons Learned are kept within the system. The participating crew members are linked to document their experiences.

Similarly, in the Meetings module, the minutes are recorded, and the list of participants is attached.

Drills management

Flash alert

Drive transparency and knowledge sharing within the staff and the industry. With Flash alert, you can exchange meaningful experiences with another vessel in the same fleet or other companies within the industry and any suggested action to prevent any similar event.

Approved Flash alerts with preventive measures are distributed to the fleet for follow-up. Once the steps are completed, the Flash alert can be closed.

Environmental reporting

Act responsible and report fuel consumption with a calculation of environmental impact. Consumption of any other substances with a possible environmental impact can also be reported. Similarly, any spill from undesired events is reported and added to the periodic environmental impact report.

Environmental reporting

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