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The STAR Projects & Docking software has enhanced functionalities for all kinds of projects. In addition to complex docking projects, the software benefits projects like modifications, maintenance campaigns, and mobilization/demobilization.

Docking projects typically represent 60 – 70% of the total maintenance cost for a vessel. Consequently, controlling the scope of work and project costs is essential for a vessel’s overall life cycle cost.

Project scope and preparation

Build your project scope. In our docking planning software, you can digitally build your docking projects from a set of standard docking jobs and transfer additional work orders from the maintenance plan. You can include and release jobs from the project with only one click or set them as optional.

Projects include cost elements, like unit-priced items, general services, owner-supplied materials, and additional internal costs, including off-hire for the vessel. Select the applicable cost elements from the data library to complete the project scope.

Project specifications

Ensure high data quality. Prepare your specification with quality data. Use the spellchecker to get the correct wording, add pictures and drawings where required, and other supporting documents where needed. Reduce the risk of misunderstandings by sharing accurate specifications.

Create multiple specifications, assign work orders and other cost elements, and send quotations to any preferred bidder. The software assists in comparing quotes across all bidders and selecting the best companies for engagement

Cost control in all project phases

Stay on top of the costs. The STAR Projects & Docking software provides the management with a complete overview of the estimates and actual expenses in all project stages.

During the initial phase, an internal cost estimate supports the definition of the project scope. During the quotation phase, official quotes from the various shipyards and suppliers and contracts are visualized with the initial estimates. Finally, during the execution phase, all actual and agreed costs deliver the end project result, including owner-supplied materials from the STAR Supply & Logistics module and internal costs.

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Managing changes

No unforeseen surprises. Changes to the project scope and cost must be approved. Change requests are inserted into the project scope and reviewed by the project manager and budget owner. Changes in the form of reduction of the project scope are to be approved the same way. Once approved, these changes become part of the actual projects with tracking the changed project cost.

Detailed project planning

Play around with Gantt and more. Create your Gantt chart and exchange detailed plans for the docking with the selected shipyard and other suppliers involved. Prepare and coordinate the supply of materials and services for the project.

All project data is automatically exchanged with the head office, and you can produce periodical progress and cost reports whenever needed.

With Marine Manager’s web and mobile application for the ship construction industry, you have every update at your fingertips. Requests for changes and additional work are processed in the approval workflow.

Detailed project planning. Image

Safety management

Protect your workers. The STAR QHSE is an integrated part of Projects & Docking. Simplifying and improving your safety management, ensuring that all jobs are performed under safe conditions.

Issue Work Permits, Isolation Certificates, and Job Safe Analysis when needed, and manage their validity during the project. Report any undesired event or near miss during the project for safety improvement in future projects.

Project evaluation

Exchange experiences and best practices. Upload your experience report and evaluation form before completing and closing the project. Additionally, you should update the libraries for standard docking jobs, unit price items, and general services.

This way, you ensure the next project will gain from previous experiences.

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