Trondheim, Norway: Norway-based Star Information Systems (STAR) and global offshore fleet operator Altera Infrastructure’s drive to collaborate is paying dividends as they have been able to design and implement maritime software that can maximize asset integrity.

STAR’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is operational across Altera Infrastructure’s fleet, including its six floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessels. The system is designed to maximize efficiency across operations and to support the decision-making process to improve safety and uptime while reducing costs.

Ole Bjørn Westad, Director, Operation Standards & Improvements, Altera Infrastructure Production“We want to stretch ourselves to be better, and good management overseeing the maintenance system is critical,” says Ole Bjørn Westad, Director of Operations Standard & Improvements at Altera Infrastructure.

“The overview provided by STAR gives us room to standardize our processes, which saves both time and costs. The CMMS gives us a decision-making basis to operate better in the future,” he adds.



The STAR system provides a complete overview of the equipment used across Altera Infrastructure’s fleet, as all offshore components are allocated a unique ID. Westad and his team can quickly track down where any equipment failures occur and can accurately plan what action is required, maximizing safety while minimizing any downtime.

“Flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness are central to the collaboration between Altera Infrastructure and STAR,” says Westad. “STAR listens to us when we give feedback, and action is quickly implemented.”

This close relationship and collaboration between the system provider and the end user is a key element in the smooth running of assets for Altera, and the feedback is an integral part of why STAR can develop the highest standard of service.


John Inge <røtting, Sales & Marketing Director, Star Information Systems AS“Altera represents a dedicated customer for STAR that offers knowledge and insight into their business area. Over the years, we have built a relationship with trust and respect that is exceptionally positive for both companies,” John Inge Røtting, Sales & Marketing Director at Star Information Systems.


Altera Infrastructure also collaborates with other STAR customers in the supply and operations chain, which adds to the standardization of routines connected with fleet maintenance systems and asset integrity.

“We want more fact-based decisions and a standardization of the kind provided by STAR. Important data should drive our decisions further, and we like the collaboration with STAR. They must be the best at the software, while we must be the best at assets,” adds Westad.


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