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STAR is introducing a new generation of software, the STAR Suite, on a new technological platform. The STAR Mobility & Apps Concept enables true mobility on board and simplifies onboard operations wherever the crew member is.

Traditionally, the use of mobile devices has been limited in the maritime industry, where the Internet, 4G, and 5G are either unavailable or with minimal bandwidth. Installation and updating of software on board is usually a tedious operation. One of the challenges is the lack of suitable infrastructure and reasonable solutions for the distribution of applications and new revisions. Another challenge is the need for applications that work just as well offline as online.

Supporting users at their work location is one of the focus areas in STAR Suite; this is why essential work tasks in STAR Suite are made available on mobile devices like smartphones, pads and laptops, and desktops.

True Mobility

In the STAR Mobility & Apps Concept, we distinguish between running the applications on a mobile device and having applications designed for mobility.

The STAR Suite applications are all web-based, scalable for any digital device, and give the users options to work offline. However, some applications are designed for larger monitors, while others will scale and present the content properly on any screen size.

The STAR Suite applications are designed to operate in locations with no Wi-Fi or Internet connection available and handshakes with the central system once a connection is established.

Online and Offline

While online, the users have access to the entire STAR Suite, even on their mobile devices. The applications made for offline use are designed to support users in their daily operations and not only as an alternative to online reporting. 

Users can bring their devices with all required data into enclosed spaces and elsewhere while they continue to work with checklists, drawings, instruction videos, and spare part inventories. The application will reconnect to the server when a connection becomes available and maintain a copy of the user’s actions in case something happens to the device.


The series of mobile applications comprises all functionality to support in-the-field operations within the EAM System. For example, performing maintenance work, checking inventories, receiving goods, documenting an incident, collecting measurements, approving a purchase, and a host of other activities.

The STAR Apps are there to provide supporting documents and helpful information. When this is not sufficient, the operator can use the collaboration features to connect with back-office personnel and third-party specialists for additional guidance.

All applications are Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), which can run on all modern browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari. All applications work on Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. The applications automatically scale, optimize, and present the user interface on any chosen device in the best possible way.

STAR Approval App, icon


STAR Consumption App, icon


STAR Counters App, icon


STAR Stock Count App, icon

Stock Count

STAR Work Orders App, icon

Work Orders

Why it matters

  • Environmental benefits

• Environmental reporting
• Less need for travel due to installations and upgrades
• Less need for travel in connection with training

  • Social benefits

• More efficient working day
• Customized user interface
• Easier access to necessary information
• Easier reporting

  • Financial benefits

• Reduced costs for training, upgrades, and operating the systems
• More efficient execution of maintenance jobs
• Better overview of materials in stock


The STAR Mobility & Apps Concept ensures that all users are always updated with the latest version of the software. We have built an infrastructure that constantly looks for updates to be distributed to both the mobile and stationary devices on board.

STAR Central

STAR Central is the management system for the STAR Suite. It monitors the infrastructure where STAR Suite software is running and manages the applications running on that infrastructure. STAR Central handles upgrades and changes to the environment to configure and deploy a new server or reorganize how applications are deployed to a company’s different sites.

Edge Cloud Server

STAR introduces “edge cloud,” a local cloud onboard the vessels where onboard users connect for high-quality performance. The edge cloud onboard operates like any other cloud solution; it is continually updated and managed by STAR Central.

Edge cloud servers located on board ensure network resilience and continued end-user operations despite unstable Internet connections.

Installation on a mobile device

The web application works just like any other native application on a mobile device. The applications can be installed by scanning the QR code. By confirming to add to Home Screen, the application’s icon appears on the device for easy access.

Automated updates of applications

The distribution channel for maintenance of the applications is established with the initial server setup. From this point on, applications will be updated and maintained as required. The process is fully automated and requires no user intervention or assistance from the customer.

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