STAR Maintenance (CMMS/PMS)

The CMMS/PMS software module in the STAR EAM System is comprehensive, flexible, configurable, and user-friendly. The system supports the crew in the realistic scheduling of maintenance jobs and provides enriched data about the equipment and the assignments.

Planned and corrective

Increase Maintenance ROI. The STAR CMMS/PMS software supports your best maintenance strategy to keep the equipment operational and maximize its lifetime – whether your strategy is to prevent equipment failure or run until it fails and repair.

A structured approach can dramatically increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. The STAR Analytics Maintenance Dashboard provides a comprehensive, interactive data visualization for enhanced insights.

STAR Analytics
Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement

Empower your crew. The maintenance loop is designed for constructive reporting and feedback, including performance and equipment conditions – evaluation of input and logging – and distribution of the approved changes to all applicable ships in the fleet.

Condition- and performance-based

Make use of maritime IoT. The CMMS/PMS module in STAR supports a condition- and performance-based maintenance plan for equipment delivered with sensors linked to a condition monitoring and failure analysis software.

The state is used to predict maintenance jobs’ due dates before any breakdown, enabling the planning and preparation of tasks.

Keeping up with the future. Explore how STAR is meeting the future requirements of Coordinating with Service Providers for Ship Maintenance in this Webinar with The Digital Ship from 2022.

Condition and Performance, KPI
Technical Superintendent, Jan Ask, Solvang ASA, Quote
Operational mode management

Operational mode management

Get superior efficiency. STAR Maintenance has a unique functionality where the vessel’s entire maintenance plan with equipment can be updated according to relevant modes in seconds.

When the operational mode changes, you can plan various maintenance strategies for each piece of equipment and automatically switch to the correct maintenance plan. Similar, vessels may be stacked or entered into a mode, and the entire maintenance plan adjusts accordingly.

Failure and breakdown tracking

Reduce costly interruptions in your process flow. The STAR EAM System supports ISO failure coding and failure reporting.

Data from failures is used in various reports to compare equipment, vessels, crew, and costs. When equipment fails and needs corrective/unplanned maintenance, the codes from the failure library are available for categorization.

Work and service requests

Benefit from mobility. With STAR Apps, workers can report equipment failure or improper operation and raise maintenance requests. The job is automatically added to the vessel’s work orders if approved. Further, the software can send work orders as service requests to service providers.

The STAR Work Orders App is designed to support the crew with all job details while performing their maintenance jobs at the location on board and provide additional information if needed.

Risk analysis & matrix

Focus on safety first. The STAR CMMS/PMS software has several functions for safety management, including job safety analysis interlinked with the maintenance jobs. Any operation that may involve risk for potential hazard may be risk assessed, assigned a risk value, and control measures to reduce the risk.

Repetitively focusing on the risk reduces the number of undesired events and injuries.

Control of Work

Control of Work

Job Safety Analysis is naturally included in the control of the work process. The software includes an electronic permit-to-work solution for both hot and cold work – functionality for isolating the equipment or area is related to the work permit and the option to issue an isolation certificate.

Guarantee & claims management

STAR Management software holds any documentation on issues or costs related to a guarantee and supports claims to be reimbursed.

Guarantee & claims management

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