The green wave involves the maritime industry like never before. We welcome a more holistic solution to the technology challenges of decarbonization and see strategic partnerships as key to change. STAR has therefore chosen to join Veraity by DNV in Veracity’s Integrated Partner (VIP) program.

The maritime sector has become increasingly engaged in reducing carbon emissions. We seek to support our customers in their efforts to meet the 2030 and 2050 targets, with several functions embedded in all modules of the STAR EAM System to measure, control, and secure sustainable procedures. As an integral part of our ESG strategy, the STAR Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System is designed to support reliable, sustainable, and resilient operations in the maritime industry.

With the Nor-Shipping 2023 theme #Partnership as an ideal background, Barry Authers (Head of Solution Sales & Partnership, Veracity) and Per Anders Koien (Product Director, Star Information Systems.) officially signed STAR’s partnership with Veracity by DNV.

Operational Vessel Data (OVD) standard

The new Voyage Reporting module in the STAR EAM System has extended the software for recording fuel consumption, lube oil, and any other sources of carbon emissions. Our partnership with Veracity by DNV simplifies the correct calculation of the carbon emission from the consumption and enables the reporting according to the MRV/DCS requirements. 

“Veracity is an eco-system that connects providers and consumers of digital services and data in the maritime, oil & gas and energy industries, to drive business innovation and digital transformation.” – Veracity by DNV.

DNV is a strong advocate for the implementation of an open industry standard for reporting operational data in the maritime sector. DNV’s OVD is a widely used data standard for reporting log abstracts and other operational data from vessels.

Strategic Partnership is key to change

Strategic partnerships are the right direction for our company because it offers better resources for our customers to flourish. Teaming up with other significant players in the maritime industry reinforces our mission of strengthening our customers through optimized industry products. Together, DNV and STAR will gain expanded experience, expertise, and knowledge.

Per Anders Koien, Product Manager, Star Information Systems. Photo“We are pleased to assist our customers in monitoring and improving processes to meet the targets for reduced emissions. Joining Veracity’s Integrated Partner (VIP) program ensures simplified data transactions, competent and automated emission calculations, trend analysis, and suggestions for improvement to the effort for a cleaner world,” says Per Ander Koien, Product Director in Star Information Systems.



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