Marine Manager’s lean collaboration platform is now available as an integrated part of STAR Projects & Docking. Providing customers with a complete overview of the project with a transparent web app.

Marine Manager is a project management tool created for the ship construction industry. Customers can use the joint project application for new builds, conversions as well as maintenance projects; this means that we take care of the entire ship’s life cycle. With the intuitive web and mobile application, you can get every update at your fingertips. Reducing the total cost of projects means shorter lead times, which results in a higher degree of utilization of the vessels.

STAR Project & Docking

Docking expenses typically represent 60 – 70% of the total maintenance cost for a vessel. Controlling the scope and the cost for the docking is essential during the entire project period. As an integral part of the STAR Enterprise Asset Management System, Star Project Application (SPA) covers all phases of the project.

STAR and Marine Manager Project process chart

“At STAR we believe in the best of breed concept, and by including seamless integration with Marine Manager, we significantly improve our Project & Docking solution for construction workers at the yard.” says John Inge Røtting, CCO at Star Information Systems.

Get full control

The collaboration involves close integration in the functional area to achieve a rationalization gain through shared registers and data. Forget about chaos in documents or messages. Team members can communicate with each other and submit any deviations or changes to ensure that all project information is up to date. Make project management fast, easy, and effective with functionality such as sending photos with drawn notes, delivering group notifications, performing all QA activities, adding budget changes, and monitoring the progress.

Marine Manager Lean collaboration

Core functionality

  • Fully digital Project management – operate in offline mode.

  • Web and app-based platform

  • Accessible for all – anytime and anywhere

  • Cooperate with all partners in a project

  • Share pictures and documents

  • Perform all communication in one place connected

  • Statistics & Insights

  • Time tracking

  • GPS Geofencing

  • Check-in/visitor management

About Marine Manager

Marine Manager is a Norwegian start-up company; our business model is creating new technology solutions and innovative applications. We are dedicated, disciplined, and always one step ahead. For further information, please visit

About Star Information Systems

Star Information Systems have proudly served the marine industry for 20 years. Since the company was founded, STAR has strived to deliver state-of-the-art software solutions for ship and rig management, and we are continuously improving our systems as well as developing new software to meet the high demands of the shipping and offshore industries. For more information, please visit

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