STAR Asset Management (EAM)

Improve productivity through structured and optimized asset planning, operations, maintenance, and performance – including environmental initiatives. With the STAR Asset Management software (EAM), you can manage data about the vessels, the onboard equipment vessels, spare equipment, and spare parts.

The asset management data is presented in various detail levels, as well as KPIs and trend reports available in STAR Analytics dashboards.

Fleet planning and administration

The STAR Asset Management System (EAM) ensures complete visibility of historical data and planned activities to align maintenance to operations – from a single vessel to the entire fleet.

Holistic and long-term planning of fleet operation and actual changes in operational mode can be defined and visualized in the STAR EAM system. Rich system functionality supports both complex and simple asset projects.

Fleet planning and administration
Voyage and Environmental reporting

Voyage and Environmental reporting

Get access to useful insights. The EAM system keeps track of the vessel’s location, operation, speed, weather data, and fuel consumption. For internal daily/noon reporting and MRV/DCS environmental reporting, the software is configurable to meet your requirements.

The system can also calculate the hull and propulsion performance from the voyage data, deviation from nominal sea trial data, and notify the crew when the vessel is underperforming.

Hierarchical equipment structure

According to industry standards, like SFI Group System and NORSOK. The hierarchical structure can have as many levels as needed, follow a strict pattern (like SFI Group System), or have a free form (like NORSOK).

The STAR EAM system also supports alternative structures in addition to the primary if needed.

Hierarchical equipment structure
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STAR Implementation Services


Simplify your workflow. Complex assets consisting of sup-equipment can be organized in assemblies, and the assembly itself can be defined as a complete object where the sub-equipment can be replaced over time.

The entire assembly can be moved between locations – all related data is automatically copied and transferred in one combined move operation.

Asset lifecycle tracking

Drive cost reduction and reduce your environmental footprint by managing the lifecycle and circulation of your equipment. In the STAR EAM system, all assets are automatically tracked with cost-related properties during their lifetime.

The system automatically tracks an asset location and transportation history, either onboard one vessel or between vessels/warehouses. Equipment failure and maintenance history are captured in the STAR Maintenance (CMMS/PMS) module.

Asset lifecycle tracking

Barrier management and Performance standard

Minimize the risk of adverse events. Plan corrective and preventive maintenance with complex priorities and constraints. Equipment representing elements in a technical barrier is tagged and assigned to the barrier(s) they are members of, including information about the required performance standard. The barrier condition is updated whenever the crew does a performance test, and the result is reported to the EAM system.

A warning is given if a barrier element is underperforming to ensure that corrective actions are taken to bring the performance to an acceptable level. Similarly, the system can warn about planned maintenance jobs on a barrier element.

Operational mode

Enjoy flexible asset management. Switching operational mode for a vessel will change the entire maintenance plan in seconds. Operational jobs can be deactivated while jobs for preservation, demobilization, or reactivation are activated.

Similarly, if any equipment or assembly is moved into a storage location, the preservation jobs will replace operational maintenance jobs.

Cyber Security

IHM and Cyber Security

Be compliant and stay resilient to cyber risks. The STAR EAM System supports the IMO requirement for Inventory Hazardous Materials (IHM) and Cyber Risk Management.

For IHM, the hull and its content, the equipment, and the inventory may be tagged with an IHM code with reference to the UN library for IHM for reports.

Onboard elements used to prevent cyber-attack should be tagged in the system for this purpose, with any relation to a technical barrier. Any event related to cyber security equipment can be logged in the system by the crew.

Gatekeeper for Central Data management

Maintain high data quality. The STAR EAM System is designed for central data management and controlled data distribution among all vessels. Data requiring central management can be configured to meet your company’s business rules and processes.

The Gatekeeper verifies and ensures the improvement of new suggestions from the users. If approved, the data is activated for further processing and distribution to the suitable vessels.

Gatekeeper function
Management of Change

Management of Change

Become proactive. Managers can evaluate changes requiring a formal approval process before being implemented according to benefits, cost, and risk. STAR can configure the evaluation and approval process to meet your company’s formal procedures for change management.

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