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STAR Counters App is one of the applications released on the new STAR Suite technological platform, supported by the STAR Mobility Concept. All STAR Apps are modern, user-friendly, and easy to learn.

The app is designed to support the crew while collecting counter readings for various onboard equipment. These counters are typically located where there is no Wi-Fi or Internet available. Before recording the counter readings, the list of counters is automatically downloaded to the mobile device when the app is opened. While doing the round to report new counter readings, the user has all details and historical readings available.

As the STAR Counters App supports QR codes for identifying items, the application can print QR tags for the counters even when the device is offline. These QR tags can be used to identify the counter and ensure the readings are done for the correct counter. When the mobile device has a camera and software for reading QR codes installed, the STAR app will interact with the QR scanner and present the material details for the user. The user can also take a photo of the counter, which is automatically uploaded to the Star IPS database. In this way, the quality of the materials in the Star IPS database is continuously improved.

Online and offline

While the mobile device is connected to the Wi-Fi onboard, the user can explore inventory data in the Star IPS database with filtering and sorting options available. While being offline, the user may update the counter readings, print QR tags, and add images. The stored information will be synchronized with the Star IPS database once the user is connected to Wi-Fi.

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Counters App – Key Benefits

STAR Counters App, icon
  • Configurable layout and processing.

  • Filtering and searching options.

  • Add images on the material information.

  • Access all counter details at any time.

  • Direct access to trends and historical readings.

  • Easily update your counters, online or offline.

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