Our congratulations to Kystverket (Norwegian Coastal Administration) on the two new high environmental profiled sister vessels added to their fleet, OV “Ryvingen” and OV “Hekkingen”.

As a trusted advisor and long-term partner for more than a decade, we are delighted that STAR planned maintenance system is used to ensure the high operability of their vessels. The Star PMS software solution supports the continuous improvement loop as the functionality supports the four stages: Plan – Execute – Review – Improve.


OV «Ryvingen»

Kystverket’s new multifunction vessel OV “Ryvingen” is delivered from Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted. Before the handover, it had already received its first environmental award. The new vessel is environmentally friendly, innovative, and specially adapted to fit Kystverket’s multiple tasks along the Norwegian coast.

The vessel will carry out Kystverket’s planned tasks within new construction, maintenance, and operation of lighthouses, lanterns, permanent and floating marks. OV “Ryvingen” is at the same time part of the contingency force of Kystverket and is well suited to handle major oil spill response over time.

With a fully integrated battery pack, the capacity is fully utilized. The vessel can sail for a whole day only on battery. It is expected that the fuel consumption of the OV «Ryvingen» will be halved compared with similar vessels in the fleet that do not have battery solutions.

The engines on OV “Ryvingen” have also been upgraded compared to the previous vessels, e.g. it has only one engine with one generator at each end. The vessel is the first to be equipped with Rolls-Royce PM thrusters. This propeller plant has increased efficiency and less use of energy.


Facts on OV “Ryvingen”/OV “Hekkingen”

  • Built: 2018 at Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted as
  • Type: Multifunctional oil protection vessel
  • Hybrid vessel with a battery pack of 3000 kWh
  • Length: 46 meters
  • Width: 12 meters
  • Gross tonnage: 1134 BT
  • Service speed: 10.5 knots
  • Max speed 13.2 knots
  • Oil collection capacity: 150 m³
  • Crane capacity: 2800 kg v / 21.4 meters, 7000 kg / 11.0 meters
  • Crew: 9 per shift, 2 shifts. Bunk room for 18 people


About Kystverket

Kystverket is the Norwegian national agency for coastal management, maritime safety, and preparedness for acute pollution. They operate as the key provider of safety at sea along the Norwegian coastline, and a protector of both seafarers, ships and the beautiful coastline itself. Kystverket’s vision is to develop the coast and the sea area to be the safest and purest in the world.

For further information, please visit https://www.kystverket.no/