Star Information Systems celebrates 25 years as a global provider of world-class software systems to the maritime industry.

In 1997, three young and ambitious men joined forces and decided to incorporate Star Information Systems. With their acknowledged competence in maritime software, the ambition was to become a pioneer in software systems for the maritime industry. The working days were 24 hours; software development during the night shift was financed by consultancy services during the day shift.

Through their professional network, several companies reached out and wanted to become customers. Input and feedback from the first customers contributed to the future system design. A year later, visuals of the new software were revealed to the industry. In 1999 the first pilot installations took place, and after a short period of improvements and bug fixing, the rollout to the customers started. The grapevine was triggered, and the number of STAR users proliferated.

So far, more than 100 000 onboard crew in the maritime industry have been utilizing the STAR software. Many users have become patrons and consequently recruited new customers on their way. Based on innovative technology, existing users and coming generations are soon about to get the web version of the STAR EAM System, together with the latest mobility concept.

STAR Maritime Enterprise Asset Management System

Today the STAR EAM System (CMMS/PMS) is a specialized software solution for ships and offshore installations. The STAR EAM System is designed to support reliable, sustainable, and resilient operations in the maritime industry.

Still, our software has proven perfect for use on land rigs and industrial plants in both offline and online environments. The STAR software architecture enables flexible design and processes to support our customer’s needs, allowing us to serve and continuously upgrade – everything from a small vessel to a sizeable oil-production platform within the same source code.

Innovative Digitalization

We are continuously improving our systems and developing new software to meet the future demands of the shipping and offshore industries. With our main office situated in Trondheim, the technology capital of Norway, STAR has close connections with Scandinavia’s largest independent research organization SINTEF and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

With backing from Innovation Norway, we are currently optimizing the digital operation and maintenance for an NCS operator to reduce operational costs significantly. This project supports two of our focus goals for sustainability: developing innovative solutions to achieve sustainable production and consumption. These solutions will be generic and beneficial for the global oil & gas industry and maritime operators.

Per Anders Koien, CEO of Star Information Systems, says:

“Once again, we will present the maritime industry with game-changing onboard software technology. The new STAR Suite enables the future way of planning and preparing the work onboard safely and cost-effectively”.

Contributing to a sustainable future

As a recognized actor in the global maritime industry, Star Information System strives for sustainability in everything we do, both internally and in our relations with customers. focus on developing solutions that can turn possibility into profit, transform challenges into solutions, and contribute to a better tomorrow today. Our ambition is to support several supporting ESG-related initiatives and services to help evaluate and mitigate ESG risks across the maritime industry.

Attracting highly competent people, Star Information Systems is not just a software provider; we also deliver a range of high-quality services. In a wide range of maritime business areas, STAR Services provides custom support, an international network, and industry knowledge so your next project can thrive.

Bjørn Martin Klokkernes, CCO, Managing Director. Sweden. 2022. Photo“STAR attracts people who want to drive the future of EAM in the market. I joined STAR in October 2020, and from day one, my vision for STAR has been to develop further an organization that our clients highly appreciate. Thanks to qualified services, user-friendly approaches, and highly relevant EAM software. 

Looking back on the last two years, I will say we are on the right pathway. Not only because of our software development and new functions in the system, but we also managed to recruit and onboard talented people worldwide. Thanks to all of you, and happy anniversary!”, says Bjørn Martin Klokkernes, COO and Managing Director in Norway.

Leif Johan Tusvik, Bjørn Gunnar Aune, Per Anders Koien. Sweden, 2022. Photo

Still going strong! Three of the founders of Star Information Systems. From left: Leif Johan Tusvik (Product Manager), Bjørn Gunnar Aune (CTO) and Per Anders Koien (CEO). Photo by Ken Robin Sivertsvik