STAR Analytics

STAR introduces Analytics, a collection of standard and configurable Microsoft Power BI dashboards. The dashboards cover holistic overviews and trends for the fleet and individual vessels, presented by analytics from all main modules in the STAR Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System.

STAR Analytics on laptop and mobile

STAR Analytics includes analyzed data from all STAR EAM modules:

• Asset Management

• Maintenance

• Supply & Logistics

• Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

• Projects & Docking

With STAR Analytics, the management gets immediate and easy access to updated information presented across all digital platforms. The implementation is quick and cost-efficient and delivered as a combination of standard and customized dashboards elements.

Content and Layout

All STAR Analytics dashboards and reports can be tailored to the customer’s preferences. Customers may select from the STAR Analytics standard element library or choose to customize the standards according to their preferences.

Web-enabled and available on all devices

STAR Analytics is a web-based solution. The dashboards and reports are available while connected to the Internet and scalable for any digital device.

Data Warehouse

The data source for reports and dashboards comes mainly from the STAR databases. Still, the system may also present data originating from other data sources, including spreadsheets, XML files, and other structured data files.

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