Before we wrap up 2021, I would like to give you all a summary of the year we are leaving behind us. Here is the STAR 2021 Review.

STAR 2021 Review. John LindholmHopefully, many of you are, as I am, are still planning to spend the coming days together with the people who matter the most to us: our kids, families, and friends. Because of Covid-19 restrictions and many office hours (or by yourself at the kitchen table), time with our loved ones is long-awaited. We all deserve some time off to recharge our batteries and celebrate. I hope you spend your Christmas holiday as best you can and enjoy some days off.

2021 ends the same way as it began: with face masks, social distancing, and strict restrictions. The pandemic has sent new challenges our way. To succeed and grow as a company, we constantly need to adapt and change. But most importantly, we need to take care of our most vital assets: our people!

During 2021, Star Information Systems has adapted to the new business environment, and we are looking forward to the upcoming year. We have invested in a newly renovated HQ office in Trondheim and recruited new colleagues to strengthen our organization across all business functions. We have witnessed considerable improvements in our operation, services, projects deliveries, and most importantly, our Research & Development department.

Some highlights from 2021

STAR Mobility Concept was introduced this year and is already highly appreciated by our clients worldwide. The STAR Suite applications are all web-based, scalable for any digital device, and allow users to work offline. Stay tuned, as we will introduce more STAR apps and operational functionalities in the following year.

Furthermore, through internal workshops, we have developed and started implementing our new STAR ESG strategy throughout the organization. Our ambition is to support several ESG-related initiatives and services to help evaluate and mitigate the ESG risks across the maritime industry. We all have an enormous responsibility for our next generation, and STAR wants to contribute to creating a better tomorrow.

Finally, a big thank you to all our loyal customers who contribute to our continued success. Without you and how you constantly challenge us to improve, we would not have come this far. We are very much hoping to meet you all again next year. And I am confident that the STAR EAM System and our experienced consultants will add value to your business throughout 2022.

From all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bjørn Martin Klokkernes, COO, Star Information SystemsBest regards,
Bjørn Martin Klokkernes, MD Norway & COO