The STAR EAM smart warehousing concept provides you with an overview of the current fleetwide availability of all inventory items. You will always know which items are available in the warehouses and onboard other vessels.

When the need for material is urgent, traditionally, the procurement becomes expensive due to short delivery time and costly freight. However, smart bulk-ordering for the entire fleet, centralized storage, and supplying the individual vessels from a shared warehouse is proven to save costs.

When new material requests are raised, the STAR EAM System users are notified if any of those items are available in warehouses. The same notification is given to all personnel involved in the approval process of the requisition and purchase order. This allows all users involved in the ordering process to arrange the transfer of items from their own warehouses rather than ordering new ones. The STAR EAM System may also be configured to automatically change the purchase requisition to a transfer request from a warehouse where the requested materials are located and available.

The warehouse concept in STAR extends to looking into available materials onboard other vessels in the fleet. For example, enabling the system to notify on the current availability for a potential vessel to vessel transfer.

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