During 2019, STAR’s SISCommerce solution passed a global trading value of more than USD 5oo Million, setting a new record since SISCommerce as a service was launched in 2001. This proves its position as an important marketplace in the maritime industry.

SISCommerce was launched by STAR Information Systems in 2001. As the first open digital trading portal in the maritime industry. Well received and supported by thousands of trading partners, both buyers, and suppliers. SISCommerce is part of the STAR EAM System.

In connection with our launch of the STAR Catalog Service, SISCommerce will be given a further central position.

As an important contribution to the ongoing digitalization of the maritime industry, this inventory, purchasing, and logistics concept, is unique to STAR. The service is documented to increase efficiency in our customer’s procurement process. – Leif J Tusvik, Product Manager, STAR Information Systems


The Solution

SISCommerce is an e-commerce solution that is developed and owned by Star Information Systems. The solution streamlines the purchasing process by enabling SIS customers and their vendors to trade electronically through the SISCommerce web platform.

As one of the few maritime e-commerce providers to successfully outlive the “e-commerce boom”, SISCommerce has now been well established in the market for more than a decade. The solution is based on MTML 1.5, a standardized e-commerce format developed by the Maritime e-Commerce Association (MeCA).

SISCommerce is transaction-oriented, offering the exchange of trade messages between buyers, vendors and freight forwarders. Enabling customers to send inquiries and orders electronically from Star FSM, thus reducing the need for time-consuming traditional communication methods such as e-mail, fax, and phone. When quotes and order confirmations are returned by vendors through SISCommerce, prices, comments and delivery details are fed directly into the purchasing system – saving time and effort in the purchasing process.


Who is using SISCommerce?

Since the launch in 2001 SISCommerce has seen a steady growth in users and transactions. Currently, more than 30 shipping and offshore companies buy goods and services through SISCommerce. In total, they operate more than 700 vessels and installations worldwide. Approximately 40% of these companies are in the oil and gas segment (rigs, FPSOs, drilling vessels, and platforms). The remaining companies operate tankers, chemical carriers, ROROs, passenger ferries, and fishing vessels.

On the supplier side, more than 6,000 companies in 62 countries sell goods and services through SISCommerce. Moreover, several large suppliers are connected through agreements with other e-commerce providers. SISCommerce is financed by the buyers and is free of charge for suppliers.

If your company is new to SISCommerce, please contact Star Information Systems AS for further information.