Shipping References

STAR is a preferred fleet management partner to Shipping companies worldwide. Below you can read about how some of our shipping references benefit from using the STAR Maritime EAM System.

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Shipping References

Color Line

STAR Shipping References, ColorLine Superspeed

Color Line AS is one of Europe’s leading shipping companies within European short sea shipping. The company operates four international lines between seven ports in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. In addition to passenger and freight transport, Color Line runs conferences and fairs, hotel operations, restaurants, shops, entertainment, and tour production. Color Line utilizes the entire STAR EAM System and is one of our valued Pilot customers for new applications.

Our partnership with STAR has been a good solution for our fleet.

Jan Bjølgerud, Star IPS Admin – Color Line AS


STAR Shipping References, Solvang

The Solvang ASA group operates a modern fleet of LPG/Ammonia and ethane/ethylene carriers. The company’s headquarters are in Stavanger on the Norwegian southwest coast, with a commercial and operational team based in Oslo and their own crewing office in Manila. Solvang utilizes the entire STAR EAM System and is one of our valued Pilot customers for new applications and solution development.

Through a long relationship with STAR, we have developed good solutions supporting our needs for controlling our maintenance onboard.

Jone Ask, Technical Superintendent, Solvang ASA

JR Shipping

STAR Shipping References, JR Shipping

Based in Harlingen, Netherlands, from 1993, JR Shipping group has operated its fleet, comprising container feeder, multipurpose and offshore service vessels, and provides all-round ship management services to third parties. The short sea shipping company focuses on maximum safety and efficiency with its compact organization ashore. JR Shipping utilizes Star Maintenance, Star Material & Services, Star Safety, Star Audit & Inspection, and Star Purchasing onboard all their vessels.

We use STAR Supply Management solution, for improving our purchasing processes.

Fabian Klok, ICT engineer - JR Ship Management BV