With STAR SaaS (Software as a Service), you have access to the STAR Maritime EAM System without the burden of upfront infrastructure, platform, and software costs. The management and maintenance of software and hardware will be handled entirely by STAR.

Providing our clients with a completely worry-free eco-system with access to the latest software versions, application maintenance, full service, and support offering according to ITIL standards as well as a hosted and managed infrastructure environment.

Running STAR as a SaaS enables customers to fully focus on the usage of the software. Our professional personnel will make sure that your software is running 24/7, monitoring, and upgrading the solution. Do you prefer to run the vessels or rigs on-premises? Don’t worry! We will use our unique and robust replication engine in those cases.

The STAR SaaS consists of the following service elements, all bundled into one fixed price per month “pay-as-you-go” subscription agreement:

  • A private cloud at Star Cloud Partner.
  • A single tenant setup.
  • Access to the latest versions and releases, where the technical upgrade work is included in the subscription fee.
  • Complete application management and support package including incident and request management.

STAR SaaS – key benefits

  • Time and money
    With STAR Cloud Services you free up valuable internal resources and get substantial costs savings for maintaining and monitoring the STAR system.
  • User friendly
    The SAAS solution can be hosted in various regions, reducing latency which results in a better user experience.
  • Secure integration
    Integration with your environment is possible using high secure VPN connections and integrated authentication.
  • Automated
    Backup and system monitoring are standard, software and security updates are applied automatically on an agreed time as not to interrupt your business.
  • Flexible
    There are several capacities and available options on offer against competitive prices whilst retaining scalability for future growth.
  • Green and climate neutral
    The environmental focus is important to us and our customers. There are many benefits to investing and updating with cloud services over frequent hardware purchases.

“For several of our clients, the SAAS solution is the perfect match, serving multiple offices in the region all connecting to one server hosted in the cloud. With direct access to the environment for support, the time to resolution for any request reduced drastically.” – Alexander Ramaker, Operation Manager.

With STAR as a trusted partner, you get help transforming your IT environment into a flexible, accessible, and secure environment – ready for current and future needs. Rely on STAR’s experience and expertise and get the most out of the benefits of cloud services.

The STAR Cloud is offered through our Norwegian partner ITsjefen AS which is ISO-certified and meets high-security demands. This is especially important for customers who have certain regulatory requirements they must comply with. ITsjefen also holds a Miljøfyrtårn certification, focusing on green operating solutions with environmentally friendly seawater cooling and electricity consumption optimization.

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ITsjefen logo hvitThe STAR Cloud and SaaS are offered through our partner ITsjefen AS in Norway/Trondheim.

ITsjefen is ISO-certified and meets high-security demands, this is especially important for customers who have certain regulatory requirements they must comply with.

ITsjefen provides clients with a range of Standard and Secure Hosting Services (IPaaS/PaaS). ITsjefen has provided hosting services since the advent of the company in 2004.  Their hosting portfolio includes the Norwegian Government, private and public sector customers, and their oil- and offshore-related companies such as AkerBP, AkerSolutions, RESQ, and PTIL.

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