Responsible consumption and production


Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

The core of green growth is investing in and improving resource productivity. Reducing our carbon footprint includes increasing our focus on the internal use of physical materials that can be reduced, reused, recycled, replaced, or upcycled. The benefit is reduced company costs and reduced pressure on the earth’s limits. For internal procurement, we try our best to always choose sustainable suppliers.

We encourage our employees to choose transportation options such as electric cars, public transport, walking, or cycling.

Our partner for STAR Cloud Services, ITsjefen, holds a Miljøfyrtårn certification, focusing on green operating solutions with environmentally friendly seawater cooling and electricity consumption optimization.

Reports show that the majority care about which company produces the products they buy. However, many people find it difficult to evaluate whether a product is sustainable. We have an important job to do making it easier for our customers to implement conscious processes. By investing in future technology, they can significantly drive decarbonization.

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