Star IPS recently received a renewed MPMS Type Approval certificate valid for 5 years until 31 December 2028.

“Machinery Planned Maintenance System (MPMS) is a survey arrangement based on audits of an approved and implemented planned maintenance system on board. It covers all class-relevant component surveys related to machinery and is based on manufacturers’ recommendations for maintenance.” DNV

“The objective of this class programme (CP) is to give a description of the Society’s type approval scheme for which the Society bases its type approval Machinery planned maintenance systems (MPMS), which normally is a part of a Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).” DNV

The new certificate may be downloaded here: DNV MPSM Type Approval for Star IPS

The next level for MPMS: Machinery Maintenance Connect

STAR now offers an API for the integration to the MMC dashboard. “Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC) from DNV takes MPMS further. It enables DNV surveyors to audit the whole fleet in one day, instead of vessel by vessel. The machinery maintenance data is sent to DNV and displayed in a dashboard, which the customer also has access to. This data is sent to DNV on a regular basis, where a data quality check is performed.” DNV

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