Updated: 10. February 2022

1. Processing of personal data

Star Information Systems AS is concerned with protecting and respecting privacy in accordance with the EU Privacy Regulation (2016/679) of 27 April 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) and the corresponding Norwegian implementation of the privacy regulation.

It is important that you are aware that we collect and process personal information about you when you are in contact with us.

This applies when:

  • You use our website.
  • Contact us by e-mail or call our sales department.
  • As a registered customer, you can receive newsletters and other advertisements from us.

We are committed to handling your personal information in a safe and secure manner. Below you will find information about the personal data that is collected and how the personal data is processed, as well as your rights related to the processing of the personal data.

2. Responsibility

Star Information Systems AS by the General Manager is responsible for processing the personal information collected about you.

3. Purposes

We collect, process, and use personal information about you for different purposes depending on how we are in contact with you.

The purpose of collecting personal information is always to provide the services you as a customer expects from us based on the inquiries and agreements made, as well as provide you with better information, service, and support. We also collect information about you to adapt our services so that they are as relevant and useful to you as possible. In addition, we use personal data to conduct marketing if you have given your consent to this.

Personal information related to

When you visit, your usage data is logged. This happens, for example, when you view or click on content on the website or when searches are performed. In this connection, we use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you download a website.

Cookies that are used to register what you do on our website contain an ID number, which remains with you between each visit. This means that you are basically anonymous, but we can still collect information about what you and others do on the website over time. Information collected includes which pages have been visited and other activities on the website, as well as general information about your browser and computer/mobile phone, as well as your IP address in anonymized form.

There are two different purposes for this data collection:

The first purpose is to provide us with information about how our websites are used so that we can better improve your user experience, give the website better functionality, and analyze our traffic. For this purpose, we use Google Analytics to collect and store data. Still, we ensure that the information is not shared with others or used for other purposes. Without this information, it will be difficult for us to design the website to solve our customers’ needs well, and the basis for this treatment is, therefore, a balance of interests.

The second purpose is to be able to serve you personalized and customized marketing, including product ads with a personal touch in other channels and websites, such as social media, outside To achieve this, we allow advertising providers such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft to link the information about your website use to their cookies and their ID numbers. This enables them to connect data from many different websites so that we can show you relevant ads elsewhere on the Internet. They can enrich the interest profile they have on your user so that you can generally get better and customized ads also from other companies. The basis for this processing is your active consent, which you give by accepting marketing cookies or clicking “Allow all” on our cookie banner.

You can also change or withdraw your consent to our use of cookies.

Personal information related to e-mail and phone call inquiries

To handle incoming calls and email inquiries, we store names, telephone numbers, email addresses, and previous email history. The processing of personal data takes place based on a balance of interests. This is considered necessary for us to assist you in the best possible way and is part of your customer relationship with us.

Data that is stored or processed is limited to name, title, phone number, e-mail address, company, company phone number, and address. Sales and Marketing-related transactions between Star Information Systems and the client.

The mentioned information is registered in our CRM system SuperOffice. You can read about SuperOffice’s privacy policy here, Only selected representatives with us have access to the information held about you. Email inquiries are deleted after a certain time, depending on whether they are longer relevant.

Telephone inquiries that do not require any email follow-up afterward will not be stored, and any notes will be shredded when no longer relevant.

4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

We do not pass on personal information about you to third parties unless there is a legal basis for such disclosure. A legal basis in this context may be that we must disclose necessary personal information to fulfill the agreements and obligations we have to you. There may also be a legal basis that requires us to disclose personal information about you.

When you visit

We use cookies (see section 3) to give content and ads a personal touch, analyze our traffic, and deliver social media functions. We, therefore, share information about how you use our website with our partners in social media, advertising, and analytics. Our partners will combine the information with other information that you have made available to them or that they have collected through the use of their services.

Third-party vendors we work with include Google. See also fully updated details in our cookie overview at the end of this document.

Third parties do not have the right to access or use your information for any purpose other than that which is the basis of the agreements and obligations we have towards you.

In addition to the above, we will never sell or disclose your personal information to third parties/outsiders.

5. Your rights

Our basis for the processing of personal data about you is one or more of the following:

  • Agreements entered.
  • The consents you have given when you accept cookies on the website.
  • A balancing of interests based on both legitimate interests (see section 3).

At any time, you have the right to require access to what kind of personal information we have stored about you. You can request correction or deletion of stored personal data.

You can change or withdraw your consent for the processing of personal data based on cookies in the related banner on our website.

If you do not wish to take advantage of these opportunities, or you have other questions, you can contact us at or call us on telephone +47 73 87 62 00.

All personal data is processed in accordance with the Norwegian Personal Data Protecting Act and current regulations.

If you believe that we do not process your personal information in accordance with imposed laws and regulations, you can complain to or the relevant authorities.

Storage of personal information

We will store personal information for as long as it is necessary to demand the obligations and agreements we have over you.
Information that we are obliged by the Accounting Act to keep for at least 5 years will be deleted when the requirement for storage has expired.

Information security

We secure personal information through both physical and virtual access and access control.

Contact information

Inquiries about what information has been registered, correction, and deletion can be sent in writing to the following addresses:

Star Information Systems AS
Kjøpmannsgata 35
7011 Trondheim
Company no: 979176848 MVA
Phone: +47 73 87 62 00

Changes to the Privacy statement

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement. Any changes will be posted on this page. A date for when the last one was changed is stated at the top of the Privacy statement. If there are significant changes or changes that require your consent, you will be contacted by e-mail, or we will post information on our website.

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