OKEA, Trondheim/Norway (15th January 2019): The Draugen Operatorship Transition Process formally completed. STAR is proud to be an important cooperating partner with OKEA. The STAR Maritime Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) and the STAR Team was a key contributor to the success of the transition process.

In January this year, the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) formally concluded an active audit process towards OKEA related to the Draugen Operatorship Transition Process which has been ongoing for the last 18 months. This has been an active audit carried out by a dedicated supervisory team from the PSA, both pre- and post-transition, to verify and evaluate how OKEA has managed the actual transition and further transformation process (change process) from “transition cut-over” to “transformation close-out”.

In summary, the PSA writes in its feedback:
“It is our impression that OKEA has been paying attention to managing HSE risk in the transfer process and that the company has had a good structure in its work to identify needs for actions along the way.”


Implementation of the STAR Maritime EAM System 

The Draugen oil field was previously operated by Shell and SAP software was then used for the asset management processes. For the same purpose, OKEA decided to implement the STAR EAM software. OKEA’s overall vision is to be the leading company on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in terms of delivering safe and cost-effective field developments and operational excellence, while maintaining a competent organization with direct management engagement in all of their projects.

The STAR Implementation Team provided their part of the transition process in cooperation with the Operations Team at OKEA. OKEA was able to start their operations shortly after the initial data transition started.


Okea Draugen STAR Facts


Lean and cost-efficient
To ensure further enhancement of their lean operation, STAR worked with OKEA to configure the software. In order to support improved routines for asset management, maintenance, supply & logistics, etc. additional software functionality has been built and configured:
– A new Management of Change solution.
– Multi-dimensional technical barrier solution.
– Automated material replenishment solution.

The Norwegian PSA requirements are recognised as some of the strictest regulations to comply with in respect to the offshore oil & gas sector. OKEA needs to continuously secure and document that they have systems in place for QHSE, as well as proper asset integrity management and maintenance plans for the Draugen platform.

Dag Eggan, SVP Business Performance at OKEA says:
“The STAR Maritime EAM system plays a vital role in meeting these requirements.”

The success for this transition process and OKEA’s use of the STAR EAM software proofs that it is possible to meet the PSA requirements and be lean and cost-efficient at the same time.

Many thanks to OKEA for choosing STAR Maritime EAM, we are looking forward to continuing being a supporting partner for your future operation.


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