On the 1st of December, Star Information Systems entered a new chapter as former CEO Per Anders Koien (58) stepped into his new role as Product Director. Bjørn Martin Klokkernes (42), the company’s COO for the last two years, took the position of Managing Director. This organizational change is the first step in STAR’s planned generation shift.

A transitioning industry

The maritime industry is transitioning into a greater extent of sustainable operations in many respects. Modern technology and digitalization play essential roles in this transition. STAR has already taken the necessary steps to contribute to our customers’ adaptation processes. As Product Director, Per Anders will further bridge future customer requirements into new functionality in the STAR software.

Bjørn Martin Klokkernes,Managing DIrector, CCO, STAR“The Product Director position is new in Star Information Systems. The STAR EAM System leans on supporting services, and STAR is known to provide high-quality service and support. The objective of the position is to build a bridge between customer demands and the software development team and align new varieties of services for support. I am certain that Per Anders will contribute to forming STAR’s future,” says Bjørn Martin Klokkernes.



An Enterprise Asset Management system aligned with our customer’s future

Per Anders’ focus has always been to serve the customers’ best interests with quality products and services. With his great interest and competence in meeting the future demands of the maritime industry, he will now be in a better position to discuss segment trends with our clients and transform this into easily operated functionality in the STAR software system and support services.


Per Anders Koien, Product Manager, Star Information Systems. Photo“I am glad that our ambition to build a new generation of software and strengthen our service capacity and competence has become a success. The company is now in a superior position to serve our clients in their daily operations. We have recently proven that we have the right software, competence, and sufficient capacity to support all customers in their transition projects. Their positive feedback is that the foundation in our latest software is aligned with their future needs and direction.”

“I am confident that Bjørn Martin will continue to manage the company just as well as he has managed our Operations department. I am pleased to spend more time doing what I appreciate; discussing future trends with our customers,” he continues. “Knowing that our Research & Development team, headed by Bjørn Gunnar Aune, always transfers customer requests into user-friendly and robust software functionality, it is a great pleasure to experience that customers are well satisfied.