Implementing STAR Maintenance will digitalize and streamline their internal processes and support them with continuous improvement.

Digitalizing planning in STAR Maintenance provides Nansen Polar Explorers with a complete overview of all maintenance activities across the fleet. Up-to-date maintenance will result in improved performance of the machinery and reduce downtime. The graphical user interface “StarBoard” provides a good overview of the maintenance plan with its graded calendar view. This allows the maintenance crew to better plan and coordinate maintenance jobs. The STAR software solution also provides the unique functionality for adjusting the maintenance plan according to the ship’s current operational mode or is about to enter.

With STAR SaaS (Software as a Service), they will have access to the STAR EAM System without the burden of upfront infrastructure, platform, and software costs. The management and maintenance of software and hardware will be handled entirely by STAR.

Following the heroes, Nansen Polar Expeditions operate in the polar regions. Focusing on preserving the spirit of adventure. The MV Nansen Explorer is the pride of their fleet. It is an affordable and spacious luxury yacht, where guests are welcome to view the spectacular scenery from the bridge.

Sindre Holberg, Captain of MV Nansen Explorer concludes,

We choose to use STAR based on our previous experience with systems from other shipping companies. Simplicity compared to other systems and fast setup were important. Furthermore, we are big fans of “StarBoard” and the simple graphical way to use a maintenance system.

About Nansen Polar Expeditions

Nansen Polar Expeditions draw their inspiration from the legacy of Fridtjof Nansen (1861 – 1930). Nansen was a Norwegian athlete, inventor, and scientist who’s love for nature led him to the most remote parts of the globe. In the spirit of Nansen, the team works to maintain and nurture the HERO values he embodied. Read more about Nansen Polar Expeditions