A Management of Change (MoC) system is a combination of policies and procedures used to evaluate the potential impacts of a proposed change and avoid unacceptable risks.

An effective MoC strategy requires establishing, documenting, and successfully implementing formal policies to evaluate and manage both temporary and permanent modifications in the rig or ship. Including equipment, materials, operating procedures and conditions, and personnel. The STAR Maritime EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) system enables the establishment of the strategy and the performance of MoC in daily operations.

MoC Process Flowchart in Star IPS

Types of Changes

Most changes controlled by an MoC program fall into one of three main categories, in which the functionality of the STAR software covers all three:
1. Assets and equipment – addresses equipment or technological changes.
2. Operational – changes in administrative controls or management system.
3. Organizational – includes personnel and staffing modifications, in addition to HSEQ and organizational changes.

An impact assessment includes a checklist of whether the change can have an impact on the following:

  • Organisation

  • Environment

  • Maintenance and Inspection

  • Operating Procedures

  • Crew and Human Factors

  • Processes

  • Safety and Health

  • Instrumentation and Hardware

  • Work Environment

  • Electronic Systems

  • Structural

  • General Arrangement/Access

  • Operations

  • Security

The STAR Advantage in Management of Change

  • Configurable MoC processes.

  • Integrated with asset and maintenance management, inventory, supply & logistics,
    operational procedures, audits & inspections, docking & projects, and HSEQ.

  • Facilitates clear roles and responsibilities.

  • Risk assessment of the planned changes.

  • Mitigation of uncomfortable risk and unsafe condition/behaviour.

  • Documentation of assessments and decisions through the change process, including results and outcomes.

  • Notifications and automated change logging.

  • All within one user interface.

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