Maintenance for Shipping

The Star PMS software solution supports the continuous improvement loop as the functionality supports the four stages:

Plan – Execute – Review – Improve

Maintenance planning in the Star software support various kinds of planning philosophies, including “run until it breaks and then repair”. However, most equipment gets a maintenance plan based on either calendar-, running hours-, performance- or condition-based philosophy, or a combination of these.

Planning for the maintenance also includes planning for personnel, tools, spare parts, service providers, work permits, isolation and any documentation required.

The Star software solution has a unique functionality for adjusting the maintenance plan according to the operational mode the ship has or is about to enter. E.g. when a ship enters a layup mode the maintenance plan can easily be switched from a regular maintenance plan to have only preservation jobs. When the ship later is to be prepared for operation, the mode can first be changed to “mobilization” where the maintenance plan can include special jobs for such preparation and then again back to regular operation.

The graphical user interface “StarBoard” provides a very good overview of the maintenance plan with its graded calendar view, giving the maintenance crew the option to better plan and coordinate maintenance jobs.

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