HSEQ for Energy

Complying with rules and regulations requires a proper safety management system. Star software supports proactive measures to prevent undesired events as well as reactive measures to handle undesired events that have taken place.

Proactive and preventive activities include risk assessment of equipment and operations, including risk assessment of maintenance jobs. Maintenance jobs that include a potential risk can be linked to work permits and job safe analysis forms. The Star portfolio also includes a Management of Change module where risk assessment and risk reduction are in focus.

Audits and inspections are proactive activities that are supported by our software. The graphical audit planner gives an overview of all periodical and planned audits, both internal and external. Each audit can be linked to questionnaires and/or quality standards, and the result from the audits can be presented as statistics or KPIs. The module can also be used for dropped object inspections where each object may be pre-defined and checked according to the schedule.

Unfortunately, incidents happen on board, and incident reporting is included in the Safety management module. Recording of incidents and documentation of all consequences can be done in the Star software solution. Just as important is the evaluation of the incident, the corrective actions related to it and the additional preventive actions to be taken to prevent similar events to occur.

Distributing flash alerts is an example of a preventive activity used to avoid undesired events. The flash alert module distributes awareness about an incident in the industry, or vital “be aware” information, to the rigs/units in the fleet, including suggested actions to prevent undesired events in own fleet.

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