OSLO/TRONDHEIM, NORWAY (31st August 2021): Höegh Autoliners now have all STAR applications hosted as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for their office users. A successful operation thanks to excellent work from the STAR team.

Höegh Autoliners delivers innovative solutions for greener and more sustainable deep-sea transportation to customers worldwide. STAR SaaS enables Höegh to free up valuable internal resources and get costs savings for maintaining and monitoring the STAR solution.

Mobile, secure, and always up to date

With STAR SaaS (Software as a Service), Höegh has remote access to the STAR Maritime EAM System from virtually any location in the world, secured with two-factor authentication. A worry-free eco-system with access to the latest software versions, application maintenance, full service, and support offering according to ITIL standards as well as a hosted and managed infrastructure environment. STARs Teamleader of Cloud Services and Support, Ken Robin Sivertsvik, says:

Running STAR as SaaS enables customers to focus on the best usage of the software. By hosting their STAR software here in Trondheim, we have complete control of the server environment, and that way, we can ensure the best quality and performance of our software. Our professional personnel handle all system administrations and provide customers with faster and more reliable support.

The server is placed in Norway/Trondheim and is Geo-redundant in case of any technical failure on one of the sites.

We in Höegh Autoliners are happy with the reliability of service and the users observed better performance of the application after implementing the SaaS solution. (Sebjørn Dahl, COO)

Green and climate neutral

The environmental focus is important to both our clients and us. There are many benefits to investing and updating with cloud services over frequent hardware purchases. STAR SaaS is offered through our Norwegian partner ITsjefen AS which is ISO-certified and meets high-security demands. ITsjefen also holds a Miljøfyrtårn certification, focusing on green operating solutions.

Bjørn Martin Klokkernes, CCO, STARSTAR is pleased to announce the signing of this SaaS agreement. We are confident that this agreement will strengthen Höegh’s global services, confirming sustainability and bringing together the best of both worlds. (Bjørn Martin Klokkernes, COO)




About Höegh Autoliners
Höegh Autoliners is a leading global provider of Roll On Roll Off transportation services, operating a fleet of around 40 Pure Car and Truck Carriers sailing in global trade systems. Transporting cargo such as cars, high and heavy machinery, and breakbulk, its customers include most of the leading global vehicle and equipment manufacturers. The Company develops innovative solutions for greener and more sustainable deep-sea transportation, and today has the lowest emissions in the industry. The Company’s head office is in Oslo, Norway, where the company was founded in 1927. For further information, please visit the Höegh Autoliners website.

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