Drill Performance onboard vessels and rigs are the most vital element of a successful emergency response. The need to plan and execute drills on a large scale is of utmost importance for injecting realistic scenarios to emergencies and minimizing the burden of disruption of shipboard operations.

Although we all hope never to experience undesired or dangerous situations, optimizing drill performance with documentation, training, and well-known actions is crucial to minimizing the consequences and even saving lives.

The HSEQ module in STAR EAM System is designed to relieve the workload for compliance with legislation and ensure a proper response when necessary. Utilizing the digital STAR EAM System for Drill management across the fleet, you can plan, execute, register, document, and improve your practice. This gives you complete control of the Drills according to international standards and requirements.

Attached to the drill report, the crew onboard has the option to create a Lessons Learned document for processing at the head office. The LL document can be assigned to a customer-defined process with notifications to users involved and statuses to follow the approval process. Additionally, you can evaluate, record, and distribute suggestions for improvement or report potentially hazardous situations.
Overall, the solution consists of interaction between several modules in the STAR EAM System, such as Flash alerts, Preventive actions, and Revised procedures. When a more tedious analysis is required, a Management of Change process may be commenced to support and document any risk-reducing change.

Plan – Perform – Evaluate – Improve, the continuous improvement loop is now also available for optimized drill performance.

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