Bjørn Martin Klokkernes is STAR’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Managing Director in Norway.

Although I would love to meet Bjørn Martin in the Norwegian forest doing timberwork. In the era of online communication, I had a chat with him from his new workplace, STAR’s headquarters in Trondheim, about visions, technology and coffee.


How do you take your morning coffee?

Haha, good questions! Well, with three small kids in the house I start my day around 06:00 in the morning. By doing so, I have time to enjoy a good cup of coffee and to read breaking news without any disruptions. My choice of coffee is produced by a good friend of mine in Trondheim who has his own brewing company –Langøra. I like my coffee black, Scandinavian roasted, preferably beans from Guatemala or Kenya.

What made you choose STAR?

Star Information Systems has during the last twenty years achieved an impressive reputation in the EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) industry. The company has a strong portfolio of highly qualified products and services, which many clients worldwide are utilizing each day in their operations. I knew that being part of a small, agile and global company, that provides high-end solutions, was a good match for me. Adding that STAR reduces maintenance and logistics cost as well as maximize profitability and safety made the choice even easier. The open business culture and highly qualified people that have been a part of the company since the start, made me realise that the company is in for the long run.

Tell us about your background?

I am from the west coast of Norway, Bergen. My formal background is as a technician within the field of automation and I have a double major in Management from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. During the last fifteen years, I have been working in large global companies, responsible for business development and technical consultancy services to oil and gas and renewable projects worldwide.

What is your vision for STAR and how will our customers benefit from this?

My vision for STAR is a company that is highly appreciated by our clients due to highly qualified services, adaptable and user-friendly approaches and relevant EAM software. A company who attracts the next generation of software engineers and qualified people who like to change the future of EAM in the market, which will give a huge benefit to our clients. In order to do so, we need to continue the good work that has been carried out in the company. We need to create a competitive advantage and be a footstep in front of our competitors.

“We need to continuously adapt to everything around us and work closely with all our clients.” says Bjørn Martin Klokkernes, STAR’s new COO and Managing Director.

Which qualities do you have as a leader that will motivate our Operations Team?

Through my fifteen years as a Director, the feedback from my colleagues has been more or less the same; I’m open to input and discussions, not afraid to challenge, I’m market-driven and continuously focusing on delivering on time within the right scope. I am not afraid to seek advice and benefit from the people around me to increase my knowledge. I always aim to create an environment where we are focusing on our client’s needs, but also personal development as a group. If I manage to bring some of this into the operation teams in STAR, it will make me quite happy.

How do you thrive in Trondheim?

Life in Trondheim is good. My parents in law had a wish to handover their farm to the next generation, so in 2017 I moved with my family to Trondheim (Stjørdal). We really enjoy being close to nature and occasional I do the timberwork. As a family, we have got many new friends and our network of people is growing around us. Three years have passed since we moved from Bergen who some will say is the best city in Norway. Well, to all of you guys in Bergen: Trondheim, the capital of technology, rocks!


“I am very pleased that Bjørn Martin has joined our team, says Per Anders Koien, CEO. Implementation, service and support are vital elements in our deliveries and customer relations. The Star Maritime EAM Systems are used by clients that require high data quality and professional support. We have an increasing customer base requesting for services in their digitalization process, thus we are also expanding our team to provide more capacity and new competences. Bjørn Martin has the perfect background and experience from both recruitment and providing service consultants, which is exactly what we were looking for. I am sure Bjørn Martin will manage our growth and ensure high-quality customer service.”