By utilizing your data in the STAR EAM System, you will understand your business from new perspectives. With STAR Analytics, you get customized reports and dashboards with interactive visualization tools and business intelligence capabilities.

Organizations have daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports used for internal insights or presentations to customers or authorities. These reports are often compiled with data from various sources and require some manual work. STAR Analytics automatically compiles and presents your frequent reports at any time. Whether you want to consolidate key metrics or need rich reports from different workloads, here’s some more good reasons why you should use STAR Analytics.

Connect your data
The data warehouse in STAR Analytics contains data from STAR software applications. In addition, it may include data originating from other data sources, such as financial and operational systems, even spreadsheets, and other documents.

Real-time information
STAR Analytics automatically collects and refreshes data from the entire fleet, ensuring your data is always up-to-date and enabling a streamlined data analysis experience for end-users.

Simple and customized
STAR Analytics comes with standard data visuals to leverage in your interactive reports and with a variety of customization options for enhanced presentation and functionality. Get standard or customized reports within Asset Management, Maintenance, Supply & Logistics, HSEQ, and Projects & Docking. The tool makes understanding the data straightforward. For perspicacity, you can drill down and dig deeper into the details.

To drive a data culture across your organization you can distribute entire dashboards or selected elements to everyone.

Turn insights into action
Transparent data offers you enhanced insights across your organization, enabling you to identify focus areas and get high-quality decision support.

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