STAR Analytics

Star Analytics is a business intelligence, KPI reporting tool.  It is designed to provide the customer with neccessary and correlated information from the various elements of the STAR Enterprice Asset Management (EAM) suite, in combination with other data sources.

  • Health and safety conformity
  • Inspection and audit
  • Maintenance schedule and conformity
  • Critical parts status
  • E-commerce overview
  • Fuel and emission data
  • Vendor scorecard
  • Bespoke dashboards and reports

By utilizing the techniques in PowerBI in combination with the industry knowledge in the STAR organization, Star Analytics provides the customer with a wide variety of standard and bespoke reports and dashboards providing tools for decision making as well as command and control based business critical information.

Star Analytics offers an easy to use and easy to implement solution that is adaptable to all customer needs. The solution is cloud based and is being delivered through Microsofts Azure platform, either in the public cloud, by private cloud hosted in a secure environment or installed in the customer´s domain.

Star Analytics is a subscription based service, delivered as a combination of standard dashboards and bespoke customer reports and KPI measurements.

By using Star Analytics, the customers gets immediate and easy access to updated information presented across platforms. Implementation is quick, easy and cost efficient.

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