User Groups

For continuous improvement of the SIS software, and to assure that it meets the needs and expectations of its customers, SIS has established three user groups consisting of representatives from SIS software users. The groups elect the companies represented. They represent and safeguard common interests of all SIS customers, and provide feedback to SIS regarding possible improvements/changes in the software or the need for new functionality. The users do also exchange experiences and best practice in the use of the systems, as well as discussing requests from users outside of the User Groups.

Today there are three active User Groups covering the following business/interest areas:
• Maintenance (Star IPS, Star Project Application)
• Safety Management (the Safety module in Star IPS)
• Purchasing (Star FSM, SISCommerce)

The members of each group meet several times a year to discuss issues that they may have or needs that they see today or for the future. All companies that have SIS software installed will be admitted to communicate and share information with the User Groups. The User Groups provides SIS’ product management and the software development teams with valuable input that helps SIS develop its software in a direction where it brings good value to its customers.
If you would like to become a part of one of our User Groups, please contact the SIS coordinator or the User Group’s chairman. Election of new members is normally performed annually.

Maintenance User Group:
• Maarten van Slobbe – Manager CMS, Fugro Marine Services B.V. (chairman)
• Robert Øksnes – Manager Planned Maintenance Group, Odfjell Management AS
• Tor Raymond Eriksen – Planned Maintenance Surveyor, Solstad Farstad ASA  
• Tore Fykse – PMS Superintendent – STAR, Solstad Farstad ASA 
• Ørjan Sikveland – Maintenance Engineer, Teekay Petrojarl Production AS
• Øystein Keiledal – Senior Technical Inspector, Hurtigruten
• Wilko Visser – Maintenance Engineer, Van Oord Ship Management BV
• Wouter Lok – Technical Superintendent, RollDock Shipping B.V.
SIS Coordinator: Hans Kristian Fjærem

Purchasing User Group:
• Roeland van Schie – Supply Chain Manager, Van Oord Ship Management BV
• Emma Polson – Manager PSCM Sourcing and Systems, Prosafe
• Hilde Kristin Valsø – Purchasing Manager, Teekay Petrojarl AS
• Krister Bendiksen – Manager Procurement SM, Odfjell SE
• Marco Joosten – Manager Purchase & Logistics, Fugro Marine Services B.V.
• Tor Jarle Sporsheim – Operating Director, Sjøvik AS
• Ad den Boer – Procurement Improvement Manager, Van Oord Ship Management BV
SIS Coordinator: Thor Harald Karlsen

Safety Management (HSEQ) User Group:
• Neil Anderson – Advisor Technical Compliance, Prosafe Offshore Ltd
• Harald Bauck – VP Risk Management, Odfjell SE
• [Vacant]  
• [Vacant]  
SIS Coordinator: Per Anders Koien

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