SIS Support Centre

The SIS Support Centre is an online support system enabling customers world-wide to enter support inquiries and trace support cases, regardless of time zones and office opening hours. From the support centre customers may also search for information in the knowledge database and download user manuals, new system versions, release notes, etc.

To access the SIS Support Centre you need to be registered with a company account and user. We recommend companies to limit their number of users in the support centre, so that only one or few persons are responsible for submitting and follow up on support inquiries.

To gain access to the SIS Support Center, please submit your request through your internal designated SIS contact or contact your designated SIS representative. Your user details and login credentials will be e-mailed to you once registered according to your Service Agreement.

Enter support inquiries
Once registered you can log on to to enter support inquiries, trace your support cases, browse the knowledgebase, or download documents. When registered you may also send support inquiries directly to

Requirements for support
Whether you log on to the SIS Support Centre or use e-mail to request support, please remember to provide as much information as possible. System version, log files, screen shots, etc. will help us handle your support case more efficiently.

Support inquiries may be entered in Norwegain or English.

Should you have any further questions regarding the SIS Support function, please send an e-mail to or call our head office number +47 73 87 62 00


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