Success Stories

Van Oord:

New functionality and re-structuring of existing data is providing a uniform and efficient system June 20, 2014, Van Oord, a world leading Dutch dredging and marine contractor signed the Protocol of Acceptance for the delivery of one of the largest contracts in the history of SIS. SIS has provided a comprehensive suite of the latest developed software, including purchasing (StarFSM) Maintenance, Warehouse management, Transportation and Asset management.

Solstad Offshore:

Recognizing a tradition for product development Solstad Offshore, a specialist in providing services for the offshore petroleum industry, has completed the implementation of Star systems across its fleet of 50 high-specification vessels. One of Solstad’s main arguments for choosing the systems was SIS’ strong tradition of product development and customer-driven innovation – values that facilitate long-term strategic co-operation.

Comphania de Navegação Norsul:

Improved efficiency and reduced costs Comphania de Navegação Norsul, one of Brazil’s leading privately-owned maritime companies specializing in dry-bulk and neo-bulk cargoes, has successfully completed implementation of a broad range of SIS fleet management systems. The goal was to improve efficiency and reduce costs connected with vessel operations.

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