Star AIP: Automated Invoice Processing

Automate and streamline your incoming invoice processing

Star AIP digitalizes incoming paper invoices and can receive PDF and electronic invoices to simplify and optimize your work while improving control.

Star AIP is an end-to-end solution for paperless, electronic processing of invoices and includes scanning, interpretation and approval workflow and is integrated with Star FSM Procurement and your existing accounting system.

Significant savings potential

With Star AIP you will be able to cut processing time and cost, simplify the approval process, improve data quality and streamline your invoice follow-up. The system will recognize which PO the invoice relates to and process the invoice with a 3 way match automatically, matching the invoice with the PO figures and checks whether the parts have been delivered. If matched according to criteria, the invoice can be sent to Accounting for further processing and payment without the technical department having to process it. Alternatively, it can be processed by the Technical department, but many companies today relies on automated approvals to save time and resources.

If the invoice does not match according to criteria, it will be sent directly to the Purchaser or group of resources responsible for processing the exception. The invoice is available for processing in the office or via smartphones or tablets if responsible resources is travelling or for any other reason out of the office.

Electronic invoice processing systems are easily implemented and have in recent years been considered the number one IT system for achieving fast return on investment (ROI). The introduction of electronic processing can save up to 50 percent in processing cost.

User friendly

The user interface is easy to use and understand and the threshold for getting started is low. End users as Purchasers, Super intendants and other Technical staff do not require training to start enjoying the benefits of electronic processing.

Less paper administration

Paper administration is time consuming, expensive and not least dull! Make the most of your resources by switching to electronic invoice processing. Benefits for your business will include increased profitability, full overview, an efficient processing chain and more content employees.

Star AIP is powered by Eye-share.

If you are interested in more information please contact, and you will be contacted by our sales department.

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