Star Insurance: Stay organized

Star Insurance helps shipping and offshore companies to organize and store insurance policies and related documents, log and follow-up insurance claims, and to provide reports, statistics, KPIs, and trends.

Organize insurances

Star Insurance facilitates organizing and storage of all types of insurance policies; from comprehensive policies that are split between several insurance providers, to insurance polices covering people, cargo, environment, and more. All insurance policies are organized by year to provide history and to track changes in policy types, providers, etc.

Gain full overview

Star Insurance provides full overview of all insurance policies and claims, including status, costs, expiry date, and next due date. The data is further used to provide reports, statistics, KPIs, and trends; for example historical records of loss ratios and cost-benefit analysis.

Log insurance claims

Star Insurance allows for reuse of vital information from events to log insurance claims. Images, inspection reports, correspondence, and other relevant documents are connected to the insurance claim to ease claims handling and follow up. The claim is further updated with details about insurance policy type, provider, deductions, and reimbursements.

User friendly

Star Insurance’s graphical user interface facilitates easy learning, understanding, and usage. Wizards and terminology used in the system can be configured to match company and industry standards.

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