Star Document: All in one place

Star Document is used to standardize document handling throughout the company. The system holds a library of documents vital to vessel operation, and can present all types of documents including electronic or scanned documents, images, photos, drawings, video recordings, forms, graphical reports, etc. Star Document supports the integrated modules of Star IPS, and more.

Document distribution

Star Document enables efficient distribution of documents across the fleet, ensuring that important information is accessible whether at sea or in the office. Documents are easily uploaded into the system and distributed to selected vessel or persons, or to the entire fleet. For important documents, the issuer can record document receipt.

Document revision

Star Document allows for document revisions, including updates of instructions and procedures, expiry date control, and certificate renewal. Document revisions can be logged, and revised documents can be distributed automatically.

Forms and reports

Star Document facilitates administration of all forms and reports used in the Star IPS system. Technical and operational forms for all Star modules are stored and administrated in Star Document, and reports for various managerial levels can be generated. Images, photos, drawings and video recordings can be linked to the reports.

User friendly

Star Document’s graphical user interface facilitates easy learning, understanding and usage. Wizards and nomenclature used in the system can be configured to match company and industry standards.


Star Document can be used as a stand-alone solution or in interaction with an office based hub for fleet management. Data from the vessel is replicated to the hub using SIS’ highly reliable replication engine. When used in the office, Star Document provides a full overview of fleet documents, including detailed information for each vessel. Documents can be updated and distributed across the fleet, and internal messaging and notifications facilitates knowledge sharing.

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