Star Information and Planning System (Star IPS)

Star IPS is used in plants, either as a stand alone system or in interaction with an office-based Star IPS hub for fleet management. The system integrates with office based systems for purchasing, e-commerce, and KPIs, in addition to 3rd party systems for crew management, finance, etc. 


Star IPS consists consists of several integrated modules which can be combined to meet a wide variety of user demands – from simple maintenance and spare part handling, to comprehensive information sharing and strategic planning.


Star IPS allows for all screen labels, messages, instructions, and wizards to be configured and customized to match company terminology and operational environment. The system supports customized forms and questionnaires, and business rules may be implemented to further support company workflow.


Star IPS facilitates sharing of critical information across functions and departments to improve fleet wide efficiency. Documents, procedures, equipment data, and lessons learned may be distributed and reused across the fleet, as part of projects, or for strategical planning.


Star IPS’ graphical user interface facilitates easy learning, under-standing, and usage. Wizards and terminology used in the system can be configured to match company and industry standards. The system also supports a number of languages.

Integrated solutions

Star IPS integrates with Star Fleet Supply Management (Star FSM) for centralized procurement, which also facilitate for electronic purchase through SIS Commerce, and Star Fleet Dashboard for KPIs and trending.

The system further integrates with several 3rd party solutions.

Type approval
See DNV type approval certificate for Star IPS 3.x.



  • Tankers
    (LPG, LNG, Chemicals) Odfjell, Norgas Carriers, Nordic Tankers, Anthony Veder, Solvang, Stenersen, Utkilen
  • Liners
    (Car carriers, Ro-Ro, Passenger ferries, Cruise) Wallenius Lines, American Roll-on Roll-off Carriers, Color Line, Hurtigruten, Tide Sjø
  • Offshore Support Vessels
    (PSV, MRSV, AHTS, OVC, SBL, Subsea) Siem Offshore, Solstad Offshore, BOA Group
  • Specialized vessels
    (Dredge, Research, Seismic) Van Oord Ship Manangement, Fugro Shipmanangement, EMGS
  • Bulk
  • Ship management
    ASP Ship Management, OSM Ship Management, Norbulk Shipping

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