Star FSM: Fleet Supply Management


Star FSM is built with the newest software technology and architecture. This gives a high degree of flexibility, and makes it easy to improve and add functionality without a complicated upgrade process.


Star FSM can be customized and configured based on your company’s set of business rules for:

  • User roles
  • Approval rights
  • Budget limits
  • Vendor requirements
  • Contract requirements
  • Data exchange

User friendly

Star FSM’s graphical user interface facilitates easy learning, understanding and usage. Application grids and detail layouts can be customized to meet individual preferences.


Star FSM is process driven and handles the entire purchasing process. Purchasing documents are automatically pushed through the purchase workflow and will only stop for manual intervention when input is required to meet company standards.

Star FSM is designed to reduce man-hours in the purchasing process and introduces advanced functionality for quote comparison and document tracking. The compare window makes it easy to compare prices, delivery terms, and shipping costs from the various vendors. Different view options with pre-selections for price, delivery, total cost and currency makes it easy to compare quotes and issue purchase orders.

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