Star Fleet Dashboard: Full control

Star Fleet Dashboard displays key performance indicators (KPIs), real-time performance indicators, trends, and KPI scorecards, typically for a fleet of ships or rigs. The system also features a data warehouse making it possible to present trend curves for each KPI and drill-down into background data.


Star Fleet Dashboard is designed to extract data from Star IPS and Star FSM, but also allows for data binding and integration with 3rd party solutions. Fields and forms can be created to facilitate manual data input by users, and company logos and templates may be added for an even more professional look.


Star Fleet Dashboard comes with a number of standard KPIs within ship and rig management areas such as maintenance, asset management, projects, fleet supply, and safety. Customers may define their own KPIs and dashboards, whereon SIS can assist with KPI building and advisory services.


Star Fleet Dashboard displays large amounts of data in a tidy and effective manner. Build your own dashboard by picking and choosing from available KPIs, or create a custom dashboard mixing gauges, trend curves and charts to provide full overview in a specific area. KPIs are easily printed or distributed by e-mail.

User friendly

Star Fleet Dashboard is installed and maintained in one location and is available to users either on the internet or within the company’s intranet. Because the system is web based, it can be accessed from any PC, tablet or smart phone where a web browser and internet connection is available.


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