Star Transport & Warehouse

A unique combination of the new store functionality and the new transport module offer the possibility to manage both on-shore warehouse and transportation task, and easy on-board receipt of transports and storage of material/equipment. As an example, the warehouse can be divided into stores to handle:

  • Plant specific material/equipment (Remote stores)
  • Shared material/equipment (Fleet purchase) – Spares for repair
  • Equipment for storage or repair
  • Receipt of goods, prepare for transport
  • Transports/containers in transit
  • Long term storage of packages and transports/containers

Although the same functionality is available off-shore, the setup on board will typically be more simple as shared equipment is not managed off shore.

It is possible to configure the store manager from a very simple “One store/one bin” setup, into a setup covering the above-mentioned warehouse functionality.

No matter of the chosen setup, the new functionalities provide an easy overview of available material and equipment, no matter if these are in a store locally, in a warehouse worldwide or in transit. This overview minimise the need for additional communication/administration and ensure un-necessary purchasing of material.

Warehouse-Transportation software screenshot

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