Star Maintenance: In compliance

A maintenance management system contains vital information for a vessel’s working crew and management. Star Maintenance allows for efficient storage and use of this information and helps companies maintain quality data across their fleet.

Star Maintenance is designed to assist onboard personnel in planning rig maintenance, report work done, keep stock, and handle supplies. The system integrates with other Star modules to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Work planning

Star Maintenance facilitates detailed work instructions ensuring maintenance work is carried out in accordance with company and industry regulations. Jobs are displayed in a maintenance board for the vessel, offering full overview of upcoming, due, and overdue jobs.

Stock and supplies

Star Maintenance enables vessel crew to control stock and plan replenishment. Material requisitions are created and issued directly to a vendor or to the purchasing department. When materials are received onboard, receipt and deviations are registered into the system for follow-up.

Built in compliance

Star Maintenance is designed to comply with the strictest industry regulations, such as those in the North Sea and Brazil, ensuring work is planned is in compliance with internal and external regulations. For example, Star Maintenance records change logs for all job changes, NOx certificate numbers are controlled, and critical equipment can be tracked.

User friendly

Star Maintenance’s graphical user interface facilitates easy learning, understanding, and usage. Wizards and terminology used in the system can be configured to match company and industry standards.

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