Star Guarantee Claims: Cover your loss

Star Guarantee Claims is designed to help shipping and offshore companies to organize and follow up guarantee claims, hence reducing time and costs related to claims handling.

Star Guarantee Claims allows onboard and office personnel to log guarantee claims, follow-up on correspondence and actions related to a guarantee claim, and keep track of all guarantee claims for a vessel or fleet.

Log guarantee claims

Star Guarantee Claims facilitates reuse of vital information already stored on the equipment, like maker, model, manufacture date, warranty expiry date, and condition, to log a guarantee claim. In addition to existing data, the claim is further updated with details about cause, consequences, and costs, and may also connect with work orders, spare part consumption, purchase orders, and documents such as images and drawings.

Gain full overview

Star Guarantee Claims provides full overview of all guarantee claims, including status and next due date, for a vessel or fleet. The data is further used to provide various reports, statistics, KPIs, and trends.

Initiate actions and follow up

Star Guarantee Claims enables onboard personnel to log immediate actions related to equipment failure and to request action ashore. Notifications may be sent to stakeholders such as yard, maker, or class surveyor, whereon inspections by stakeholders are connected to the guarantee claim. All communication, actions, and documentation, both onboard the vessel and in office, are recorded for easy follow-up and reporting.

User friendly

Star Guarantee Claim’s graphical user interface facilitates easy learning, understanding, and usage. Wizards and terminology used in the system can be configured to match company and industry standards.

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