Star Audit & Inspection: Be prepared

Star Audit & Inspection enables use of standardized inspection questionnaires, and inspection related non-conformities and observation are easily reported and followed up through integration with Star Event and Star Maintenance.


Star Audit & Inspection facilitates for standardized questionnaires to be included in your Star system. Data provided through the questionnaires can be used for statistics, which in turn can be used to reveal areas for improvement. Within the shipping and offshore industry exists several standardized questionnaires, and below follows some examples of questionnaires typically used:

  • Port State Control
  • OCIMF Petroleum, Chemical, LPG, LNG, and Offshore
  • Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (OVIQ)
  • CDI Chemical and Gas
  • International Safety Management (ISM)
  • Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PTIL)


Star Audit & Inspection allows for non-conformity reporting into the Star Event module following an audit, inspection, or vetting. The non-conformity is linked to the respective inspection, and also documents such as questionnaires and vetting reports can be linked. To ensure non-conformities are followed up, corrective and preventive actions can be implemented, and instructions and routines can be updated and distributed across the fleet.

User friendly

Star Audit & Inspection’s graphical user interface facilitates easy learning, understanding and usage. Wizards and terminology used in the system can be configured to match company and industry standards.


Star Audit & Inspection can be used as a stand-alone solution or in interaction with an office based hub for fleet management. Data from the vessel is replicated to the hub using SIS’ highly reliable replication engine. When used in the office, Star Audit & Inspection provides a full overview of fleet audits and inspections, including detailed information for each vessel. Questionnaires can be updated and distributed to multiple vessels, and internal messaging and notifications facilitate for knowledge sharing across the fleet.

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